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How to choose golf balls

Golf balls are one of the most important components of your golfing kit because they influence and distance of your shots. Whether your golf balls are capable of flying further is irrelevant because golf is still a game of accuracy and consistency.

Golf balls underwent dramatic changes in the way they are designed ale_medium-1200__sized_l and manufactured in order to improve the distance and accuracy of your shots. cheap mlb jerseys Finding the right ball for your game can be as advantageous as picking the right set of clubs.

While many people prefer to be “loyal” to a specific brand, there are many specifications that you should consider before you head onto the course.


The construction of a golf ball is extremely important, as it will determine how it will react when it comes into contact with a club. Many manufacturers are constantly pushing the limits to find that Wholesale Seattle Seahawks Jerseys perfect golf ball that is just as fast as it is accurate.

One-Piece Golf Balls

A one-piece golf ball is one of the most basic, and least expensive to produce. These are typically designed for beginners, driving ranges and some golf courses but it is seldom used as a playing ball.

A one-piece ball is typically made from a solid piece of Surlyn with dimples moulded in. They are inexpensive, soft and very durable, but it does not give you a lot of distance when you hit it due to its lower compression.

Two-Piece Golf Balls

A two-piece golf ball is used by most ordinary everyday golfers because it combines durability with maximum distance. The balls are made with a single solid core, enclose in the ball’s cover.

The solid core is typically a high-energy acrylate or resin, that is covered by a tough, cut-proof blended cover that gives the two-piece ball more distance than the one-piece. These balls are covered in either Surlyn, a specialty plastic or a similar kind of material.

The firmer wholesale jerseys feel of the golf ball does not add more distance to a player’s game and it might bag not be as easily controlled as a softer ball. The two-piece golf ball is virtually indestructible and with its high roll distance, it is by Today far the most popular golf ball among ordinary golfers.

Three-Piece Golf Balls

These balls have either a solid rubber or liquid core, a layer of enhanced rubber or a liquid-produced layer and a molded cover of durable Surlyn or Urethane, since Balata is no longer used.

They are softer and offer more Golf spin, which gives a better golfer more control over their ball flight. The more layers a manufacturer adds to a ball, the more spin-separation they can create, which means a more customized performance for a driver compared to an iron or a wedge. A three-piece ball is the first level of ball that will feature a noticeable spin-separation advantage.

Four-Piece Golf Balls

Each layer in a four-piece ball has a specific and different purpose. All the layers luomukahvia work together to offer a golf ball that is the softest and that fly the farthest.

The first layer, the inner core, of the ball is the solid rubber center that is primarily designed to offer maximum Results distance, especially with a driver. The second layer, inner cover, is in the ball to transfer the kinetic energy from the strike to the inner core.

The middle layer, third layer, is the extra layer compared to a three-piece ball. It offers the complete layer that tries to increase driver distance whilst producing mid iron spin and feel around the green. The outer cover is where the feel of a golf ball comes from and it usually contains between 300 to 400 dimples, making it the thinnest layer. The outer cover is made from Urethane as it must be durable yet soft.

Five-Piece Golf Balls

These are the latest development in ball design and TaylorMade was the first to mass produce them in 2009, when they released the Penta Ball. Since then, several other major manufacturers have begun producing five-piece golf balls.

Much like the three or four-piece golf balls that use more materials and layers to offer more spin separation and performance benefits, the five-piece takes it a step further. Whilst it is the most expensive ball in the Pro Shop, it offers the highest, Tour-level performance.

The typical five-piece ball will feature three mantle layers, sandwiched between a high speed core and a soft Urethane cover. Each layer is engineered to optimize performance in five key areas that skilled players desire such as; driver, long irons, middle irons, short irons and short wedge shots. These balls offer soft, low-compression cores and it is the most critical layer at promoting high launch and low spin off the driver for maximum carry and distance every time.