Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company

Mr. Hogan started the original Ben Hogan Company in 1953. His promise was to “design and manufacture the best golf clubs in the world” with “the most exacting tolerances modern machinery will allow.” He felt that golfers at that time were not being given what they wanted and needed.

Over a year ago, they began a journey to bring this vaunted reputation and the high ideals it always represented back to the golf equipment industry. Their team includes many who were part of Mr. Hogan’s forty-year legacy of precision. The longest tenured manufacturing manager in Ben Hogan history will ensure all Ben Hogan clubs are crafted as Mr. Hogan insisted. And the man who for thirty years worked side-by-side with Mr. Hogan has been their adviser and hands-on craftsman to make sure their master models were up to Mr. Hogan’s standards. Overall, they have put together a team that is dedicated to Mr. Hogan’s ideals for quality, performance and precision. Over 130 years of Ben Hogan Company experience, and many lives dedicated to the standards Mr. Hogan set for all of them, will ensure this is the real Ben Hogan Company.

Website Address: Ben Hogan Golf
Phone Number: 844-534-6426
Physical Address: 685 John B. Sias Memorial Parkway Suite 515
Fort Worth, Texas 76134
ZIP Code: 76134
Dogleg Right

David P. Billings is co-founder, president & CEO, and the face of Dogleg Right. Mr. Billings is an industry veteran with over 25 years in the golf industry. He is an avid inventor and was educated and trained as an artist and designer, earning a degree in Fine Arts from the Otis Art Institute of the Parsons School of Design in 1988. He began working in the Sporting Goods and Golf Industries right after graduation, and started his career working for and with some of the largest OEM’s in the sport, before branching off on his own with the start-up of Dogleg Right. Founded in 1994, Dogleg Right has launched several golf brands, including its own brands, and others for or with some of its past R&D, Manufacturing and Consulting Services clients. The Company now focuses its time and resources on its IP portfolios and its new MACHINE Putter brand. Billings has so far received 12 US and International Patents for his inventions, with numerous other patents pending, and more in the works!

Website Address: Dogleg Right
Phone Number: (877) 835-9652
Fax Number: (972) 235-7599
Physical Address: 1200 Placid Avenue, Suite 300
Plano, TX 75074
ZIP Code: 75074