OnCore Golf

OnCore Golf was formed by two young entrepreneurs – Bret Blakely and Steve Coulton – who thought that making the game of golf more enjoyable through innovative products like a hollow metal core golf ball was a great idea. OnCore was the first venture for both of them, but they had a great network of advisors and supporters, including a world class advanced materials engineer, an experienced venture investor and technology company founder, and several others. After the first few years of product development, customer feedback, and performance optimization, industry notables and investment leaders from around the country joined Team OnCore.

The MA-1.0 golf ball is the product of years of R&D work covered by three issued patents and a lot of trade secret know-how, with millions of investment dollars behind the technology. It is the third generation of OnCore’s product optimization work and current the only ball employing a hollow metal core. There is no other ball in the world that can offer the same performance benefits to golfers of all skill levels, and despite numerous challenges and objections, the ball was deemed “conforming” by the USGA.

OnCore’s mission is to infuse fun and enjoyment into an amazing sport, while continuing to introduce game changing technology and products that remain within the Rules of golf.

Website Address: OnCore Golf
Phone Number: (716) 262-2255
Physical Address: 640 Ellicott St. Suite 499
Buffalo, NY 14203
ZIP Code: 14203