Ben Hogan Wedgefit

Can you be fitted for a golf club onlie, in the comfort of your own home or office?

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company surely seems to hope so. They have launched a brand-new program called the WedgeFit personal wedge selector tool. Through an online engagement with the player and its extensive database of iron model specification, Ben Hogan believes it can accurately recommend various arrangements of its Ben Hogan TK15 series wedge for any golfer.

The WedgeFitTM system brings precision to the process of fitting golfers for matched wedges. The system is designed to be used by players of all abilities to help both players and fitters determine the proper wedge, including the right lofts, shafts and specfications to better optimize scoring range performance. WedgeFit can be found on the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company website.

“Very few golfers have the right combination of lofts in their scoring clubs,” said Terry Koehler, president and CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company. “And even fewer are playing the proper shafts to optimize feel and performance to improve their shotmaking in the ‘money range’. The WedgeFit™ System enables golfers to put the right tools in their bags to lower their scores.”

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment company is focused on innovative solutions to help golfers improve their performance with their scoring clubs, and the WedgeFit System represents the most accurate way to achieve that goal.

“With the WedgeFit System, golfers now have the technology to ensure just the right set of wedges that will deliver improved trajectories, better distance control and optimum forgiveness,” added Koehler.