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Miura Golf MB001 Blade Sees High Sales Results

Vancouver, cheap jerseys BC cheap jerseys Chinacheap jerseys With 7 golf Three season The in full swing, Miura Golf’s new MB001 muscle back blade iron — the company’s first blade in four years — is enjoying steady interest and high sales among lovers of fine forged golf clubs.

“We’re a closely held company, so we don’t release exact sales numbers. But we’re pleased at the reception golfers have given the MB001,” said Adam Barr, president of Miura Golf. “We don’t introduce clubs based on the calendar, but rather on the timetable of the Miura family. It’s gratifying to see that when the MB001 was ready, golfers were ready for it.”

The MB001’s chief refinement is its carefully shaped sole, the product of golfer and experience and suggestions since Miura’s last blade iron came out. The precise engineering, enhanced by Miura hand finishing in its one and only factory in Himeji, Japan, yields a leading edge and overall sole shape that gets through the turf efficiently. Besides creating consistent divots as evidence of a well-struck ball, the reinvigorated sole helps golfers keep the club face angle constant all the way through impact. The result: the desired trajectory, be it straight, drawn, or faded.

Early adopters of the MB001 confirm the results.

“Pretty much to a man, they say it’s the best ‘tournament’ blade Miura has ever made,” said Chip Usher of Usher Golf, a Miura authorized dealer and custom fitter in Savannah, Ga. “The sole especially gets a lot of attention. And the overall look is so crisp and clean.”

“[Players] love ’em,” said Frank Viola of Ace of Clubs, a Miura authorized dealer/fitter in Saugus, Mass., near Boston. “I’ve fitted and built sets for customers with a number of different shaft models, and the MB001 works well with all of them.”

Dealers — and their customers — are also intrigued by the mixed-set possibilities of the MB001. For instance, some customers are considering trying the MB001 in shorter irons and going with a Miura cavity back design, like the CB-501, for the longer clubs.

The MB001’s suggested retail price is $245 per club, but could vary depending on the shaft actually chosen. To find an authorized Miura dealer/fitter, go to